You've asked me how these classes are run. Couples as a rule singles welcome.

Every 5 weeks we change dances, so you can really learn 2 dances in 10 weeks, before moving on to the next.  Once at a Bronze level you will be doing 2 dances in 5 to 6 weeks.

Beginners need to learn all 6 dances before advancing and Intermediates need to know all 8 dances to go to Advanced and then you'll have 11 dances for Pre-Bronze/Bronze/Silver Classes.

I teach American Social in beginner/intermediate classes. We start to introduce International style in some dances in Intermediate and others in Advanced as you move on to Bronze & SILVER. You may sign up for 5 lessons at any time, these are ongoing classes from Sept. thru June.

On the higher level we try to cover 10 dances + Merengue/Salsa over a 34 week period.

Hope to see you soon :)

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