Place: Feathers Studio, King Lane., Hampton.
    Cost:  Depends on class size.
               $25.00 per hour per person.
    Best done as 2 hour sessions.
    Basic Beginner Level training takes 14 hours for someone who already knows the dances, others may or may not take longer depending on what kind of other training they've had.  
    7 sessions, plus test day and minimum 3 hours volunteer hands on training.
    Upgrade your teaching skills or become an Instructor. There is a test day and certificate given.
    For the Basic Course to qualify to teach Beginners Social you will learn 6 dances, ladies/mens parts along with technique and teaching tips. You can start anytime and then catch up with other dances as we start new classes. 
         The Full Course Certificate for teaching up to an Advanced level consists of 11 dances and          continues from the Basic Course with another 14 to 20  hours and more volunteer on hands training.
    Please contact me for more information, dates and times.
    You may go on with ISTD/CDTA International training as well to prepare to take exams in Toronto. This will qualify you to teach around the world, plus competitive levels with the same syllabus as others.

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