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Ballroom Dancing has many forms and one of those is to learn a Slowdance and get around the floor at your next function. Whether it be a Wedding or Office party or just for fun dance is a great way to keep fit both mind and body!  So, please don't think of "Ballroom" as being just the Cha Cha's and Tango's; even our Beginner classes are for everyone!

We teach 16 different dances.  6 to 7 dances are taught to Social style Beginners over a 35 week period.  We also offer Argentine Tango in the afternoons.
10 dances or more to Advanced and Silver International dance classes.
Or choose those you want for a Private lesson or private technique lesson :)

Then there are more than 22 line dances I teach, however only teach them before our Practises dances at the moment. I am available to go to your function and have a fun time with the group, whatever it is. We also teach "Ballroom" for fun at parties.   Mary Kaye ladies have had a great time when I go to an award night where we have fun with Line Dancing !

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Salsa People said...

This is really a nice post, that you have updated us with all of innovative information that can be very useful for future aspect.
Lots of people want to learn to dance Salsa, but let the dream go once they realize that learning to do it well involves work.
Try out a few classes at a studio nearby! The best way to start is just to take a class. Most studios offer a drop in rate or will let you try a few for free!