Helpful Hints to my site.

The Blogger you are looking at has all dances and classes listed.

Click on the Calendar shown on them and go to a day you'd like to see and click on it.  Then you will see more information, like the dances we're doing & costs. Plus a map is also available.

Not all Wedding or Private lessons are updated on the calendar, so some dates may not be available.

For dance and voice coaching costs click on the Fees button bar at the top.
For Wedding dances click on Wedding dances bar at the top.
For Pictures click on the Gallery button bar at the top.
You may send emails when you click on the Contact Us bar at the top.

To see resumes click on the About Us button on the bar at the top.  Then go to the Pink lettering under Barbie Cameron and click on it for resumes & work I've done.

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