Dance Levels

The School of Song & Dance is proud to offer Social and International style Ballroom and Latin dance classes for all ages.  As well as there being regular classes and privates  I also offer Seniors and Youth (age 7+) at all levels.  Privates for other dance teachers wishing to hone and/or upgrade their current skills and to get accredited diplomas.  Or, for when you miss a couple of classes or just want to improve faster. Descriptions of all the different levels can be found below.  If you would like to sign up for any of the classes I offer, please see my calendar for days and times. Or, email my site or call me at: 905-263-8224.

Beginners (Social)
This is for the beginner without any previous training.  In this course we cover Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, Merengue, & Jive.  The student will learn to count the music,have 5 steps in each of 6 dances over the period of one year.  We do 5-6 weeks per dance. Also, how to hold their partner and how to apply the way you walk to make your dancing smooth!  We have a lot of fun at this level and learn to use our hips for Latin music with the Merengue, (a dance used on most of the Islands) and other dances you'll be sure to use at your next social function (eg: Weddings).

Intermediate   (Social 2)
This is a continuation of Level 1 OR anyone who has had some previous training could start at this level.  American style Tango and some International Waltz, Quickstep & Samba are added at this level, plus adding steps to the dances learned.  Leading & following your partener and feeling the floor with correct use of your feet is important at this level.

This is the basic International Pre-Bronze level with some Advanced Social style. This starts medals for those of you who may like to work towards them.  It is the start of: International Tango & Slowfoxtrot and we add to all your others.
Plus some Mambo/Salsa. You'll need more stamina for this and higher levels.
More technique, use of your feet, head, arms and movement will be added.

International Bronze/Silver
This starts after Advanced which is a pre-requisite for this class. It is also suitable for those who would like to dance in Competitions. It continues to add to all dances, plus adding the Viennese Waltz (International style).
Your technique will always be a part of the courses and at this point we start to learn to move out in the Ballroom dances and get some advanced styling in the Latin.

Dance Fit
Great for memory with lower impact cardio & stretches.   Line Dances are taught for Beginners and Intermediate levels.  These are Ballroom dances, as well as Country and your favourites, eg: The Slosh, Gay Gordons, etc. Suitable for all ages, men & women.

Competition Levels
These start with Pre-Bronze and go on through Silver, Gold, Pre-Amateur and Open Amateur. These higher levels are quite strenuous and will keep you in qood physical condition. Use of feet, rise and fall, use of knees, body flight, use of head, connection, hips and arms are all important at these stages and once again steps are added to all of the International levels. Exams can be arranged with an International Examiner if you so desire. These are with Private lessons.

I train anyone who would like to become a Professional Dance Teacher, and welcome those who are already teaching Social dance in order to attain the latest updates & technique changes for proper Qualifications. It is important to have proper training and keep up with the latest trends. I train people to the first level with a basic certificate, then Social 2 to complete a Ballroom Teaching certificate of Social Dance, as well as International.

If you'd like to take International after training you for exams you need to take them in Toronto. This is a lot of hard work, studying from the books and knowing all 9 elements on every step you take. Exams can be arranged with an International Examiner, at which point you will be qualified to teach anywhere in the world. *These teachers all teach the same syllabus worldwide, so when looking for a teacher check for their letters:  ISTD.