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Why "Feathers?

When I started in Ballroom Dance Competitions, I wore feather boas to match each gown.  After all, a Champion has to stand out. 
Many of my gowns were trimmed with feathers, and I carried a feather fan for cooling off after dancing. 
It didn't take long before people started shouting "Feathers!" to cheer us on while we danced, or just to say hi when they didn't remember my name.
Later, in my singing career, I became a "Diamond 'Lil" & a "Pemmican Pearl" (out West) and was once again wearing feathers.
November 1970
Barbie Cameron with her Dad, Ken.

BARBIE CAMERON (owner/operator)

SEE BARBIE'S (aka: Barbara; Barbara-Ann or B-A)RESUME

Barbie Cameron with Jeff Henssen
I started in Montreal, Quebec at the age of 4, with the Mary Beatles School, taking tap, ballet, drama and voice.  I sang at age 6 on "Little Children of the Air", later doing more radio and T.V. as a singer.
As a young teen in the 60's, I enjoyed tap and jazz lessons with Bill Dick (choreographer for TV) in Ottawa, Ontario, and started my career doing nightclub tap shows with a  drummer for the "Esquires" Richard Patterson (who passed away in 2012). I also studied tap and jazz with Gladys Forrester in Toronto with the idea to teach. I had done some Figure Skating, Minto Club Ottawa and Pickering Club for my dances, as well as training skaters for competition. I mostly wanted to be another Ginger Rogers, a very gracious lady whom I met during my singing career. My singing took me to the Far East, across Canada and ranged from singing as a Duo or working with Big Bands and doing floor shows to Entertain.

So started my ballroom dancing career as a student in Ottawa and Toronto, where I met my partner, Jeff Henssen. My Dad sponsored us to London, England, when I was 18 where we studied eight hours a day and were trained from some of the best/top championship coaches in the business for two and a half years. We competed 3 times a week, while there winning many Competitions, including  some Open Amateur Standard Championships.

 I have since won Championships in England, U.S.A., Canada and Worlds. I have judged many competitions of all styles of dance, including tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern/Latin Ballroom and Figure Skating.  We trained some competitive skaters of "dance" at Toronto's Cricket Figure Skating Club back in the late 60's. I now train solo artists for style, etc.

Between my dancing and singing careers, I have produced/directed and choreographed two Childrens musicals, 3 adult Musical Variety Shows and did "Grease" in 2010 for Oshawa Little Theatre, being nominated best choreographer in Southern Ontario. In the Ontario Open Country Song Writers Competition I placed 11th overall and 7th in Lyrics. I have written 3 songs, one for a Childrens musical and 2 country songs often played with the big bands I worked with.

Barbie and her husband John Pyatt

JOHN PYATT (instructor)

John started "on and off" as a student with me in Social back in 1989 and switched to International in 1990. He is now also a qualified teacher who also does shows with Barbie. He is very much the technician, wanting to get people on the right track right away.  We trained with some of the top Competitive dancers in Toronto together in the late 90's and as late as 2014 with Danny Quillium and others as listed in my resume.
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BOB KERBY (instructor)

Bob was introduced to the Argentine Tango in 1990 and was trained by two of Argentina’s greatest professional dancers
, Carlos Gavito and Christina Rey.  In 1993 he joined the Toronto Argentine Cultural Association’s dance troupe, Los Milongueros and performed with them for thirteen years. He also appeared at the Roy Thomson Hall, The DuMaurier Centre and on T.V.

Bob joined Feathers Studio in October 2016 and we are pleased to have him teaching Argentine Tango,Lindy Hop and some Wedding Dances.

Robert Kerby. A graphic designer by trade (who is now “slipping into semi-retirement”), says that when he started, he “never intended to write books .” He was instead doing genealogical research, looking for a few factual details about a mysterious ancestor.